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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Modification RYU Grinder to Chain Saw, Testing


RYU type RSG100-3 electric powered hand grinding machine, grinding diameter 4 inches or 10 centimeters, 580 watts of power. This grinder can be easily modified to become a chain saw.

With a saw blade length of about 25 centimeters, it is suitable for cutting twigs, branches and tree branches. And other wood cutting work with a maximum wood diameter of around 10 to 15 centimeters. The hardness of the wood will also affect the sawing process.

It is quite light in weight and compact in size. So it is easy to lift when climbing a tree, if you have to cut at the top of the tree. This chain saw is suitable for use in narrow spaces. Where machete, axe, saw, or other cutting tools, have no room to swing or move when cutting.

This grinder-to-saw modification kit is available on the market at a fairly affordable price, around 50% the price of a new RYU grinder. The kit components and equipment can be seen in the following video.

In order to cut wood well, the direction of the saw chain must be set according to the following photo.

The saw chain moves from right to left, in the direction of the yellow arrow.

Before the saw is operated. Adjust the chain so it doesn't come loose, don't let it slip off the rail or saw blade. Chain tension can be adjusted by turning the green knob, first loosening the two bolts holding the rail bar. As in the following photo.

Then the rail blade is tightened again with the two bolts so that the settings do not change. L key (Allen key, hex key, inbus) is provided by RYU.

Make sure the oil is filled to at least half the tank. The oil must not be empty when the grinder is operating. You can use used oil, and the oil is not too thick or too dirty. The oil should be able to flow out through a small hole in the side of the tank. When the chain moves the oil will be sucked out. As can be seen in the following video.

When in use, the saw chain must not be soiled. Because the soil will be sticky, covering the saw teeth, so the teeth will slip on the wood and cannot cut the wood.

If it is covered with soil too often, the saw teeth will become dull quickly. Adhering soil will also hinder chain movement, making it less powerful. Electricity consumption becomes wasteful, the electric motor becomes hot.

Immediately clean soil and other debris. Usually it will collect around the sprocket. Cleaning can be done with a small, long screwdriver.

Avoid watery work environments. Because the saw is driven by an electric motor, which can be damaged if it comes into contact with water. Water can also cause chainsaw operator to be electrocuted.

For safety, use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Goggles or a protective face mask must be worn to protect the eyes and face from flying debris. It is also best to use gloves and sufficient clothing to protect the body.

Due to its light weight and compact size, the RYU chain saw can be operated with one hand. But due to safety considerations, it must always be held with two hands.

The following video shows this saw cutting the base of a tree.

The video has no narration and no music, so that the sound of the saw can be heard clearly.

The weakness of this saw is that the speed is constant, it cannot be adjusted. The On-Off switch is located at the back, so it is a bit difficult to turn it off if something undesirable happens. Like if the saw slips out of your grip while the saw is still working (On). This can be dangerous.

For example, when it is being used on a tree to shave tree branches and twigs, and the operator has to climb the tree. The saw, which was still working, fell and hit and injured the operator, causing the operator to fall from the tree. So the operator suffers serious injuries, which can even be fatal.

The electrical plug on the extension cable must be positioned so that it can be easily unplugged, or have an On-Off switch. If the saw comes loose while it is still on, it can be turned off easily. It is safer if the work is done by two men. So that there is someone who supervise and help the operator if there is a problem.

When compared with an original chain saw that is not modified. The speed of the original saw can be adjusted. The speed control button (variable speed trigger) is on the handle, so it is easy to adjust with the touch of your index finger. If the handle slips from your hand, the saw will immediately turn off.

The lock nut must be securely attached. So that the saw chain teeth are not pinched between the nut and sprocket (gear). The following photo shows the gears and locknuts that have been installed and lubricated with oil.

The grinding nut can be tightened and loosened with vise grip plier. If you use the fork tool provided with the grinder, sometimes the fork can bend easily.

If the nut threads are a bit worn, it is indicated by the nut is swaying left and right when loose. The worn nut must be replaced with a new nut. Because the old nut will be loosen easily even if it is tightened.

Because generally 4 inch electric hand grinders have the same size of grinding disc rotating head. So theoretically this RYU chain saw kit can be installed on other 4 inch grinders too.

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