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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Website Domain Address and Adsense txt


Some time ago my Adsense account displayed the following message.

Earnings at risk - You need to fix some ads.txt issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue.

ADS, which stands for Authorized Digital Sellers, is an initiative of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab to increase transparency in programmatic advertising. This allows publishers to identify who is authorized to sell their inventory. This is a small document (ads.txt) where the adsense account number is written, and it is embedded in the domain.

It turns out that the problem with ads.txt occurred because there was a problem with accessing the domain address.

Before fixing the settings, my site could only be accessed with the address:

Meanwhile, if you use another address format it will not be found by search engines, such as:

Without secure address:


Domain addresses without World Wide Web (WWW) or also known as naked addresses cannot be accessed:

It has been set so that those addresses connect to each other but it doesn't work.

It turns out there is a trick to setting it.

As suggested on the blogger help community:

I focus on doing steps 1 to 10 which are relevant for my site.

1. go to your dashboard

2.  open Settings tab

3.  Make sure that "Redirect domain" is enabled

4. scroll down to "HTTPS"

5. disable "HTTPS availability"

6. wait 5 minutes and refresh the Settings tab

7. enable "HTTPS availability" again

8. wait 15-60 minutes* and refresh the Settings tab

9. enable "HTTPS redirect" if the status is "Available / OK"

10. then: clear the cache in your browser.

* Your SSL certificate will not be generated immediately, that's why you have to wait.

With "Redirect domain" and"HTTPS redirect" enabled, all links will be redirected to https://www....

After carrying out these steps, wait about 30 minutes. While waiting your site is not active, so it is not read by search engines. Then the display in Blogger Settings will appear as follows.

Your site will be active again, and read by search robots.

I finished setting it up around 11 am. The next morning around 6 o'clock, the status on AdSense changed.

As the above picture, it can be seen that the ads.txt status has been found, and the status is Authorized. Previously the status was Not Found.

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