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Monday, August 21, 2023

Tekiro Ryu Sanding Machine Power Tool

Today's ceilings are smooth, plain and flat, without grout lines, sometimes made in stages. Popular ceiling materials are: gypsum, GRC, PVC, and plywood, etc..

In order for the ceiling to be flat and smooth, not wavy, it needs to be plastered with putty and then sanded. Sanding the ceiling is quite difficult, because of its position above the head. It will be easier if you sand the ceiling using a sanding machine.

The above is 180 watts RYU sanding machine. It is very user-friendly. But there is a weakness of the sanding machine, which is that it cannot be used on wet materials. Because the electric motor can be shorted. So the sanding process produces a lot of dust. You have to wear a mask covering your mouth and nose, and glasses to protect your eyes. It would be better if you also wear a face shield.

Meanwhile, if you sanding with wet sandpaper, the dust is sticking to the wet sandpaper. Usually, wet and dirty sandpaper can be rinsed with water, and it is more durable than dry sandpaper. But because the price of sandpaper is quite cheap, usually the cost of sandpaper is not a consideration.

The RYU model ROS13-1A machine uses 180x90 mm sandpaper size. For ceiling work according to the photo, use coarse sandpaper number 120.

You can also use coarser sandpaper, such as sandpaper number 80, to make the job faster. But there is a risk that the sanded area will become too thin, run out or the putty will be bald.

Sandpaper with a width of 10 cm is cut to a length of about 25 cm. Then clamped at both ends. In the photo above, it can be seen that the clamp lever can be rotated with the thumb to the bent inward position, the locked position, because the sandpaper is already pinched. Sandpaper that is 10 cm wide can usually be purchased in meter sizes.

Apart from sanding ceilings, this sanding machine can also be used for: doors, windows, walls, tile floors and bathrooms, tables, shelves, cabinets, benches, and other wide surfaces. It can also be used to sand a wide and flat car body. But of course not suitable for surfaces with lots of curves and complicated shapes.

RYU Power Tools is a brand originating from Japan that is produced by Tekiro Corporation.

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