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Saturday, November 2, 2019

How Excel Formula Calculate Degrees of Angle

Microsoft Excel uses radians as a unit of measurement of angle or degree.

1 (one) radians is equal to 57.29577951 degrees or rounded to 57.296.

1 (one) radians is equal to 180 degrees divided by Pi (22/7).

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Therefore the measurement in degrees must be converted into radians for accurate calculation results. Following are the sine, cosine, and tangent formulas:

sine of 90 degrees
the result is 1

cosine 90 degrees
the result is 6E-06 or rounded to 0

tangent 45 degrees
the result is 0.999993955 or rounded to 1.

The formula on the above examples are already syntactically correct or correct writing format, so that it can be copied and pasted on an Excel sheet, as shown below.

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Changes from degrees to radians can be done by the RADIANS formula.
example of changing 90 degrees to radians:

the result is 1.570796327

And to convert radians to degrees can use the DEGREES formula.

the result is 90

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For the inverse formula of the above function or arc are as follows:

arcsinus 0.5
the result is 0.523598776 radians

to get directly into unit of degrees the formula is
the result is 30 degrees

arccosinus 0.5
the result is 1.047197551 radians

to go directly to units of degrees the formula is
the result is 60 degrees

arctangen 0.5
the result is 0.463647609 radians

to get directly to units of degree the formula is
the result is 26.56505118 degrees

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