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Monday, June 19, 2017

Home Made Wooden Laser Pistols

After a successful trial at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics in Singapore. Use of these laser guns open up new venues for gun sports because of the increased levels of safety, as cited from Wikipedia.

Laser gun uses light to hit a target. Laser gun become popular because increased levels of safety. You can practice shooting at almost everywhere. Watch below YouTube videos.

Today a simple laser diode can be purchased easily with very low price. Therefore, a simple laser gun can be fabricated easily at home. You can practice shooting at any time safely without worrying to hurt people, also without damaging something. The book is available as ebook Amazon.


Because this laser gun still can be functioned also as a pointer, you can use it at your office for presentation. With this all in one laser gadget, you can also practice shooting at your office when spare time.

By using laser gun, safety issue is no longer a big consideration, competition can be arranged in crowded public area such as: city park, shopping mall, etc..

Laser gun needs no special permit. It can be transported easily, and can be hand-carried on the airplane.

One very simple rule when using laser pointer: never aim laser ray to people, never aim laser beam to vehicle: bicycle, motorbike, car, air craft, ship, etc.. Do not use laser pointer to annoy people. Because laser beam can make distraction which can lead to an accident. If that happen, you could be jailed.

There are 5x (five) types of laser pistol have been designed and explained in this book. All pistols can be fabricated in your garage. Some designs have adjustable position for grip and trigger to get the best position to suit your hand.

Pistols accuracy can be adjusted easily. Front and rear sight of all pistols are made of zinc plate or aluminum plate. The rear sight can be adjusted for better accuracy.

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For more information about laser pointer safety please refer to .
Let’s use laser for something good, let’s use laser safely, such as for shooting practice.

Industrial and commercial laser applications includes: laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling, laser marking, laser cladding, laser leveling, laser rangefinder to measure distance, laser bird deterrent, laser peening, laser soldering, etc.. Medical applications includes: surgery, removing: tattoos, hairs, stretchmarks, birthmarks, wrinkles, etc..

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