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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cooking with Microwave

Because the cooking process is different to the conventional way, then cooking with a microwave requires a specific procedure. Microwave if used properly will produce food with more nutrition than traditional cooking methods, because fewer nutrients are destroyed during cooking.

Egg can explode when cooked in the microwave with it’s shells. Eggs should be removed from their shells, do not do it as same as you boil eggs with conventional cooking way. Egg yolks should be pierced with a fork to avoid splattering. Same thing for sausage, liver, and others that are wrapped, it is better if pierced or cut into pieces to avoid the high vapor pressure inside and causing rupture and explode.

When water is heated in a microwave, it can be overheated and slightly exceed the boiling temperature without releasing vapor bubbles (superheat). Vapor bubbles will come out at once in large amounts if water disturbed when removed from the microwave, or when solid ingredients added such as sugar and creamer. Instantaneous evaporation in large quantities can cause water to squirt out of the container and cause injury if exposed skin. So be careful if you heat water with a microwave, especially if it reaches its boiling temperature. Risks can be reduced by stirring the water several times when heating is carried out, add coffee, tea bags, before heating or in the middle of heating. Reduce the amount of water because microwave cooking has less evaporation.

Since the microwaves enter into the inside of food, cooking can be faster and more evenly than conventional way. As food cooked evenly, then the effect of brown on the outside or food skin is not so obvious, so this somewhat reduces the appearance of food. But maybe because we're used to foods with outer is more cooked than the inner, sometimes food skin has a little burnt, and it looks more tasteful.

Foods that contain fat and sugar will absorb more microwaves and cooked faster. So, sugar, cheese, chocolate and others that contain fat and sugar will be hot faster than other parts of the food, it should be sown later.

Read the user's manuals before using your microwave.

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