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Friday, October 21, 2011

Some very small wind turbines design (Pico class)

I have designed and built a Pico class wind turbine with bicycle wheel components, see photo at the bottom. For comparison, here are some design of very small size wind turbines or Pico class wind turbine:

Catapult Design horizontal axis wind turbine, note turbine size to the woman

AIDG wind turbine

Chispito wind turbine by Vela Creations


Ted Baer's bicycle wheel windmill

Ted Baer's wind turbine

Max Robson's bicycle wind turbine

DIY wind turbine

The Zoetrope vertical-axis wind turbine

Zoetrope wind turbine

Shortcut to my Pico class wind turbine, click here

See video Pico Wind Turbine at Cijeruk

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