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Friday, October 21, 2022

Simple Plastic Sealing Without Press Machine

In this article, we discuss how to close and seal plastic bag without using a heating press machine. It is using only household tools, namely: a kitchen knife, and a clothes iron. 

Kitchen Knife To Seal Plastic Bags

Prepare a plastic bag to be sealed. Do not fill the plastic bag until it is full, and leave the mouth of the plastic bag empty. So that it is enough plastic area to be pressed.


Heat the kitchen knife on the stove, small stove flames are enough.

Place the plastic bag on a heat-resistant base, such as a wooden or marble cutting board (chopping board). 

Press the hot back of the knife, not the sharp edge of the knife, over the plastic bag. While the knife is moved like a cutting or slashing motion.

The mouth of the plastic bag will be sealed. The very top area of the mouth will be cut off.

Sealing Plastic Bag By Clothes Iron

Prepare a plastic bag that will be sealed by pressing with a hot clothes iron. .

Cut the aluminum foil slightly wider than the mouth of the plastic bag, and about 5 cm long.

The aluminum foil is then folded. Its function is to cover the plastic bag. So that the plastic bag is not directly touched by the hot iron, to avoid plastic bag sticks to the iron.

Heat the iron to the setting for cotton fabrics, or almost to maximum.

Fill the plastic bag, but do not overfill to the top of the plastic mouth. Leave about 2-3 cm high of an empty area from the mouth of the bag.

Fold the mouth of the plastic bag about 1 cm. Cover the folded mouth of the bag with aluminum foil, so that the plastic does not come into direct contact with the hot iron.

Place it on a heat-resistant base such as a wooden or marble cutting board.

Press the mouth of the folded plastic bag covered with aluminum foil with a hot iron for about 10-20 seconds.

Remove the iron, let the aluminum foil and plastic cool by itself for about 10-20 seconds. When cold, the aluminum will be peeled off from the plastic, so it can be separated from the plastic bag.

This method ensures that the plastic is closed and sealed perfectly. Because the plastic mouth is folded and the affixed part is wider.

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