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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Digital TV Set Top Box Apple


Analog TV systems use electromagnetic waves (radio waves) for transmitting video and sound signals, in a manner similar to signal transmission for AM radio and FM radio. Like radio signals, analog TV signals can suffer from a lot of interference. The quality of analog transmission decreases the further it is from the source.

Digital TV signals are transmitted in compressed data packets. The data uses the binary numbers 1 and 0, similar to data on computer, DVD player, the internet, and other digital devices. Due to the use of this binary code, the digital signal is subject to less interference than the analog TV signal.

Indonesian TV broadcasts so far are analog broadcasts. The Indonesian government is campaigning for an analog to digital TV migration program (MODI). The MODI program is targeted for completion in November 2022.

Set top box (STB) devices are also called: decoders, converters, receivers, signal converters, signal processors. This device functions to process digital TV broadcast signals so that they can be displayed on analog TVs, both tube TVs and flat screen TVs such as plasma and LED. Some of the new products of flat screen TVs can process digital signals, so there is no need to add a set top box.

Because it still uses radio waves for data transmission, digital TV still uses antenna. Old TV antennas, both the existing VHF and UHF types, can still be used. There is no need to use a satellite dish, because the signal does not come from the satellite. If using a set top box, then one set top box unit is for one TV.

Just like analog broadcasts, digital broadcasts are free (FTA, Free To Air), without the need for a subscription. Especially for the poor, the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) plans to distribute free set top boxes.

Matrix is ​​known as the maker of satellite dish receivers, now they also make set top boxes to process digital TV broadcasts. One of the devices made is named Matrix Apple DVB T2 Red, which is claimed to be more sensitive to signals than other devices.

DVB T2 stands for Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial second generation. Terrestrial means earth based transmitted signal, it is not satellite signal.

This Red Apple Matrix has a red box, the body of the device is black, the advantages include:

- Good signal receiving

- Full HD 1080p - Super sharp images

- Memory 8 Mb

- 2 USBs, one for wifi dongle, one for flash disk memory

- HDMI port or HDTV connection commonly used on today's TVs

- RCA port, connection consists of 3 coaxial cables for: video (CVBS), left audio, and right audio. It can be connected to a tube TV, or any other old TV that generally uses an RCA connection.


Rear view of the Red Apple Matrix, from left to right:

ANT IN to connect to the antenna.

The LOOP OUT is connected to the antenna IN connector on the TV, so that it can still receive analog broadcasts.

USB2.0 for external memory (flash disk), can also be used for wifi dongle, the other USB connector is on the front, under the words APPLE, as shown in the very top photo.

HDTV to connect to a TV with an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable as below. This cable is not included in the Apple Matric box, must be purchased separately.


CVBS (Composite Video Baseband Signal) is a video signal output for TVs with yellow RCA connection.

L-AUDIO is the left sound signal output for a TV with a white RCA connection.

R-AUDIO is the right sound signal output for a TV with a red RCA connection.

RCA cables for the above three connections are included in the Apple Matrix box, no need to be purchased separately.

The available menus are shown on the TV screen as below, by pressing the Menu button on the remote.


The Search menu is used to search for digital broadcasts, by first entering the postal code where the TV is located.

If the YouTube application is selected, a simple menu from YouTube will appear as follows.

Then press the Menu button on the remote again, a more complete YouTube menu will appear.

Some overseas / international broadcasts will be shown: Vevo, Top Gear, Arabs Got Talent, BBC, Ellen Show, Sky News, Al Jazeera, Bein Sport France, MBC, Arab Idol, OSN, Shahid VOD, CBC.

In the Application menu (APP) there are international broadcasts of IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) such as from Arabic, Russian, Iranian, WeTV, Facebook Game, Quran.

Add a wifi dongle (antenna and wifi receiver) to be able to capture internet broadcasts. The wifi dongle must be purchased separately and plugged into the USB connector on the set top box.


Use the MeeCast app on Android and Apple smartphones, so you can surf the internet, watch YouTube, TikTok, Vidio, Facebook, Instagram, and more without ad breaks. The MeeCast application can also be used as a remote to control viewing on the TV.

Screenshot of a smartphone with MeeCast connected via wifi with a TV as shown below.

MeeCast can be turned off when the TV is broadcasting internet broadcasts, in order to save internet quota.

If the TV is turned off, then the STB must also be turned off, at least the STB exits the internet menu. So that the internet quota is not absorbed by the STB, even though the TV is not turned on or not watched.

The software on the STB needs to be upgraded if the latest version is available, it can be checked via the internet. Use the Upgrade menu to upgrade the version.

The Red Apple Matrix has been certified with SNI, EWS certificate and the Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication. More details about STB can be read at

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