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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Mosquito Fogger Machine Coil Steam Test


Fogging machine is a steam spraying machine, commonly it is used to eradicate mosquito, plant pest, cockroach, and various insect pests. It can also be used to smoke rat hole.

The coil in this machine functions as a steam boiler to evaporate insecticide or pesticide. The heat will produce high pressure steam that squirts into the air and into tight space where insects hide.

To be able to evaporate pesticide, it takes a large amount of heat. Heat is generated by a gas torch. Estimated power requirement is up to 1,000 watts. Therefore it is difficult to use an electric heater, because it will require a large battery.

Fogger with fire torch does have a fire risk.  If not careful, and fogger sprays near flammable objects.

If using the house electricity, the house must have a big electric power. Also it needs a long cable so that the fogger can spray all over the house and yard.

As seen in the photo above.  This prototype fogging machine is designed with a nozzle in a low position. The goal is to easily spray into: hole in the ground, sewer, gutter, culvert, rat hole, and so on.

The coil is made of iron / steel pipe.  It is not made of copper pipe.  Indeed copper is more heat resistant.  But copper is not strong or soft, so it is easy to leak.

The pesticide pump is placed on top of the machine handle.  So that the machine can be operated easily with only one hand.

The position of the gas container is at the back. To keep away from gas torch fire. So as to minimize the risk in the event of a gas leak. The gas used is a mixture of butane and propane.  Available on the market, in the size of 235 gram container with brand name: Tokai, Hi-Cook, Culinaria, Supercook, Wonderfuel, Winn Gas, Hans Butane, Top Cook, Campingaz, GoSystem, Pro Power, Coleman, Robinson and others.  This canned gas is commonly used for camping gas stoves, portable stoves, mini stoves, filling lighters, stove lighters, welding, soldering, brazing, and others.

The following YouTube video shows the steam power when testing the coil.

You can see a red plastic flag flying as sprayed by steam. The flag is 1.8 meters from coil pipe muzzle, or about 6 pieces of floor tiles measuring 30 cm. The steam moves for more than 2 meters.  The steam gushes vigorously not once, but several times.

The power of the steam burst is needed to reach hiding places of insects. As it is in closed gutters, in culverts, dense leaves, shrubs, and so on.

Also see the following video when the fogger bursts out fire when spraying SAE40 oil.

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