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Saturday, March 24, 2018

DIY Glowing Car Bumper Corner Pole

Today cars are designed with aerodynamics shape to ensure efficient fuel consumption and stable at high speed. Therefore, the front end of the car has slant nose to make it easy to cut through the air. But it is difficult for a novice driver to judge the distance to an object close to the car, especially an object at the farthest front end corner. For example: it is not easy to judge a distance of a motor bike near to the left front corner of the car, for the car with driving on the left lane system (steering at right hand side of the car).

So it needs a pole (antenna) as the mark at the farthest corner of the front bumper. This pole can be easily and cheaply made of a plastic sheet and a glue stick. And later, when the driver is already proficient, then the pole can be easily removed without damaging the car paint.

The following video shows when the pole is tested at night in the drizzling rain, the pole looks glowing. Although no bulb is installed in it.

The following video also shows how to make this pole.
Prepare a sheet of transparent plastic and a glue stick as shown in the photo below.

The red plastic is usually pretty good and looks clearly at night. This plastic is usually used for outer cover of a book.

Roll the plastic sheet. Use your little finger to twist and roll from the inside to get a smaller diameter of the rolled plastic sheet and become tight.

Use glue stick to rotate and roll plastic sheet from the inside. So that the rolled plastic diameter become smaller and fit the glue stick tightly. Glue stick is usually used with hot glue gun. Glue stick in the photo has 1 cm in diameter. But it can be selected according to your design. If it is too small then it can not stick strongly on the bumper.

Tie the roll with glue or insulating tape. If often exposed to rain and will be used long term, then use a waterproof glue. You can make it conical with the top end is smaller than the bottom end.

Cut the glue stick about 5 cm long or as needed.

Insert the cut glue stick into the rolled plastic, then the bumper pole is ready for installation.

Heat the glue stick until it is slightly melted and sticky. Then stick it to the outer corner of the bumper.

Transparent plastic will make this pole glowing when exposed to light from head lamp. Because some of head lamp rays will go into the pole and reflected by the wall inside the pole. Some rays are reflected out of the pole and make the pole looks glowing. Therefore, this pole is still visible even when rainy at night.

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