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Friday, January 20, 2017

Laser Pointer Pistol With Optical Target

Laser pointer  in the photo above has a wooden handle as hand grip and becomes a laser gun. Laser is activated by pulling the trigger. There is a circuit that use a condenser in order to turn on the laser for less than 1/4 seconds. The laser pulse is like a bullet flying to target, watch below video.

By using a simple switch, the laser can be set to turn on continuously, and can be used as a pointer, such as for presentation at the office.

The shooting target is shown below. The target will deflect the laser beam and project the beam as a line on to a wall or screen at the back of that shooting target. So it can be noticed if the target hit by the laser beam. If laser beam doesn't hit the target, then the laser beam will be seen forming a bright small point on the wall at the back of shooting target.

In the following video. shooting target will project laser beam on to the wall and form star-shaped if the target hit right in the center (bullseye).

If the target hit on it's side, the laser beam will be projected on to the wall and form a line. The following video shows the laser beam of pointer hit every sections of target.

Because the laser beam can still be switched on continuously, so this laser pistol still can be used as a pointer for presentations.

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