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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Partially Filled Horizontal Elliptical Tank Calculation

Horizontally mounted elliptical tank is popularly used, mostly mounted on a truck. Generally, this tank capacity ranges from 5000 liters to 40,000 liters. Tank with an elliptical cross section is rather difficult to quantify the volume of liquid it contains, if it is only partially filled.

The advantage of this tank is that all liquid can be drained as the bottom of the tank is smaller, as it has the elliptical cross section.

If the fluid is less than the full level at the top of the tank, then the volume is not much less if compared to box-shaped tank. This is because at the top of the tank or the top of ellipse, it has smaller size so that the volume at the top is also smaller.

The attached Excel program can calculate the volume of liquid for each depth of fluid in an horizontal elliptical tank. The table and graph show that the percentage of the volume is not linear. It needs to be considered if you need to specify the minimal and maximal value of stock.

Use only measurements inside the tank, especially if the tank has a thick material.

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