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Friday, November 4, 2011

Colors of Your Life

The human eye is able to recognize and distinguish millions of colors. In our daily lives, since our ancestors painted on wall of stone cave, it turns out there are only three of the most popular colors, namely: red, white, and black.

Those three colors are not boring and they have no season, age, or fashion mode. So those three colors are often used for products that must be used for years, such as: home, vehicle, some types of clothing, electronic devices, home furnishings, and others.

Red is the color of blood, fire and connected with the spirit, strength, power, energy, love. This color has been popular since ancient times, marked by the existence of cave paintings on the rock that was painted red with ocher.

Because of easy looks and attractive, the color red is used for: a stop sign, red light, firefighters and equipment, emergency exit, danger signs, etc..

The red color symbolizes energy, interest, excitement, so much used for vehicle color, women's clothing, lipstick, nail polish, drinks and supplements, etc..

The red color symbolizes the spirit, courage, determination, lots of symbols using the colors red, many countries use it on the flag. There is research that shows that the boxer who is wearing a red costume often win.

But pink color is currently regarded as softness.

Orange is a blend of red and yellow, this color is often used for packaging for food products and restaurant color, because it makes people feel hungry and increase appetite.

The white color is associated with clouds, snow, light, bones and teeth, cleanliness, originality, purity,
virginity, perfection, God.

Stoneage cave man painted cave wall with white color of chalk or lime.

This color is commonly used for: soap and hygiene products, the color of the hospital, the color of houses of worship. For color to paint house the white is still very popular despite a variety of colors available.

Silver is about similar to the white, quite popular for color: vehicles, jewelry, tableware, medical equipment, etc..

The black color is associated with power, formality, death, mystery, dark night.
In ancient times black paint obtained from a mixture of charcoal, black manganese, etc..

Since it looks like dark of night, black is often associated with negative things such as witches, devils, angels of death, etc..

The black color favored for: men's clothes (suits), the color of vehicles, electronic equipment, shoes, umbrellas, etc..

Because the color is not flashy or dark, it is often used as background color in photography, fat people will look thinner when wearing black.

The black color is the color most easily combined with any color, especially on clothing.

Henry Ford founder of Ford Motor company said “Any customer can have a car painted any colour he wants so long as it is black”.

Ford Figo

Black and white photography, silhouette, still popular today although the camera is able to record millions of colors.

Today we can see on the street there are 3 most popular colors for car: black, silver, and red.

Conclusion, if you're looking for paint or color, you should consider those three most popular colors above.

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