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Monday, October 31, 2011

Simple Solar Water Distiller

If you live by the sea, or on when flooded, difficulty in obtaining clean water, but lots of dirty water or sea water around you, perhaps this simple water distiller can help. This solar powered water distiller utilizing materials that normally exist at home such as: washbasin, transparent plastic sheet, rope, bowl, etc..

This distiller works by utilizing the solar heat that penetrates the transparent plastic to evaporate the dirty water in the basin. Black or dark-colored basin is better in order to absorb maximum heat.

Water vapor will condense on transparent plastic, and the dew then slide and fall into the bowl as collector of distilled water.

Distilled water can be drunk directly. But as distilled water is pure water with no mineral content, you should consume mineral supplements if you are too frequently drinking distilled water, to increase the intake of minerals. If not, in the long term your teeth and bones can be brittle (osteoporosis).

This distilled water can be used for top up vehicle battery fluid.

If it rains, the rain water will be automatically collected on the top of transparent plastic sheet.

Distillated water production depends on basin width and sun heat, it is estimated to get ½ liters per day with a basin diameter of about 50 cm. The larger the basin the greater the solar heat is absorbed, so more distilled water is produced.

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