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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Pico Class Wind Turbine

I designed a wind turbine that is simple and portable so it can be easily sent and assembled in remote areas. The price is affordable by fishermen, farmers, and people in other remote areas. Some world organizations name this turbine as Pico Class Wind Turbine and applied in very remote areas with low purchasing power.

Estimated cost for a simple installation of this turbine are:
Turbine, dynamo, fin, diode  labor included : $ 75
Battery 12V 5AH, wire lenght depends to condition : $ 11
Pole, rope, base, can use bamboo, wood, tree, etc : $ 6
Total estimated cost : $ 92

Prices above are calculated when building prototypes. The price will be much cheaper if mass produced.

Of the several tests conducted by pulling the turbine on a pickup car, average power that can be generated at each wind speed level is as follows:


The above power is seemed to be small when compared to standard electric power in the house in the city, but considering its application in remote areas that are not having electricity network and difficult to get fuel, so this wind turbine is beneficial. Its electric power can be used to power the 12 volt bulb, super efficient LED light, fishing light, to turn on the 12 volts radio and television, to charge mobile phones, etc..

Read article about how to build a Pico class wind turbine with bicycle wheel rim.

See this wind turbine video in article Pico Wind Turbine at Cijeruk.

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