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Friday, October 28, 2011

Honda Jazz Electric, is it applicable?

Honda Jazz (Europ, Asia) or Honda Fit (U.S.) environmental friendly electric version is planned to be sold in 2012.

According to some reports it is using the battery which is charged with a fuel cell, a few other states it is using charging system by connecting to the grid.

Honda Jazz is one of the most popular compact sedans in Indonesia today. Is the Honda Jazz with electrical system can be popular too? It seems to be difficult. Because the infrastructure for hydrogen to refill fuel cell does not exist yet.

It could be using both systems, it is refilled with hydrogen if available, if no hydrogen then it is charged by the grid.

Grid infrastructure has not been able to support, as to meet the demand of households and industries are still overwhelmed, it will overloaded if it charges electric vehicles too.

But even so, we must remain optimistic.

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