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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fun Facts

Levi Strauss & Co. is the maker of the first jeans to be used as clothing for workers such as: miners, lumberjacks, railroad workers, cowboys, etc.. Today jeans clothing is a fashionable clothing that is used by many people, men and women, not only as work clothes.

'Rod wax' is a residue that must be cleaned periodically from pump of oil drilling rigs. The oil drilling workers found that injuries to the skin which is covered by 'rod wax' heal faster with fewer scars. Robert Chesebrough then processed rod wax to become a cosmetic product called 'Vaseline body lotion'. Some lipstick products using petrolatum or petroleum jelly ingredients which are also derived from rod wax by Robert Chesebrough.

Gold is a precious metals mined from the earth, but about 10% of the total mined gold in the world, returned into earth as deep as 80 feet (about 27 meters) below street level or 50 feet (about 17 meters) below sea level, because it is stored in the vault at the Federal Reserve Bank, those golds are owned by the government of various countries.

At about 19 century 'bull-doser' means using force such as a gun to a person to force to do something, also means using great power to push an obstacle. With slight variation in spelling, the meaning of the word of 'bull-dozer' is literally a tool that makes the bull to sleep, may be the word 'bulldozer' means that the invention makes bull or cow or buffalo do not have to work and fell asleep. Now bulldozer is a popular name for tractor.

Volkswagen Beetle has funny round shape because in 1936 Professor Ferdinand Porsche attempted to design an aerodynamic shape to get a better fuel efficiency, an idea that goes far beyond his time and proved to make VW Beetle is one of the most popular vehicles, with it’s rounded shape that lasted until now.

Any numbers if multiplied by 9, then the results are summed, then the sum of the final result will always be 9, for example:
3 x 9 = 27, then add up the results of this multiplication 2 + 7 = 9
12 x 9 = 108, then add up the results of this multiplication 1 + 0 + 8 = 9
1002 x 9 = 9018, add up the results of this multiplication 9 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 18; then summed again 1 + 8 = 9

Men have bones and muscles bigger and stronger than women. But women have stronger immune than men. Perhaps this is why women able to survive despite monthly bleeding (menstruation) in vital organs. If bleeding occurs in vital organs of male, it could be fatal. More info.

In a luxury home, the kitchen (kitchen set) and the bathroom could consume the highest cost, but we do not spend much time in those two rooms.

Many people are able to walk for more than two hours in a shopping mall without a break, not many people are able to jog more than 15 minutes. We spend more calories while walking in the mall than when jogging, but because a lot of food available in the mall so we get more calories intake than calories we use. more details

White people want to darken their skin, dark skin people want to whiten their skin. Europeans spend a lot of money for a variety of tanning products to get a tan colored skin, and sunbathing. Tan-skinned people such as Indonesian, Malayan, Filipinos, Thai, Indian, etc., trying to whiten skin and spend a lot of money for products for skin whitening and lightening.

Black and white photography, silhouette, still popular today although the camera is able to record millions of colors. But black and white movie and silent movie have lost fans.

Human eyes are able to recognize and distinguish millions of colors, there are opinions stated up to 10 million colors, but there are only three of the most popular colors since the ancient time when our anchestors started painting on stone wall of cave until now, namely: red, white, and black. more details

Although heavier, obese people are easier to float in the water than thin people. Because human fat is lighter than water.

Today cars can easily reach 120 kmh speed, even some vehicles can reach more than 200 kmh. Unfortunately, in rush hours average speed can be as low as 10 kmh. So be patient or use other transportation mode.

We spend more time for socialization by internet and tv than the real socialization.

Basic principal of aerodynamic to control flight direction of big heavy airplane like Boeing 747 or Airbus A380 is similar to control very small very lightweight paper airplane, fligth direction is controled by: aileron, elevator, rudder.

When we use air conditioner (A/C) to cool the room, energy consumption is greater than the thermal energy that is transferred out of the room by A/C. As the power plant that uses fuel is still commonly used, we raise the temperature of the earth (global warming) when we use A/C, no wonder the demand for A/C is constantly increasing.

The steering system has not changed much since 1885 when Daimler & Benz designed the first car, embryo of Mercedes Benz. Still using a shaft that rotated to the left or right by the driver. Though the joystick has been popular for some equipments or vehicles (bulldozers, excavators, loaders, aircraft, etc.).

Photo camera still exist although video camera already popular, still image without sound ( a photograph) is still having big fans.

The bigger the ship the bigger its steering wheel, although some technology offer joystick to steer a big ship.

The bigger the truck the bigger its steering wheel, although power steering system allows smaller steering wheel.

White color is one of the favorite color for big and heavy mining equipment, ship, aircraft, whereas the white color will be noticeable if dirty, but it is very difficult to clean dirty equipment or vehicles of that size, especially for mining equipment which is always dirty when it is operated.

White shirt and white pants are one of the favorite uniforms for mechanic, factory worker, sailor, navy, etc. Some reasons are to ensure they finish their job clean and tidy. After they work with machines, they clean their white shirt and white pants with washing machine.

Black box has orange color, not black colored.

Black box (Flight Data Recorder) by Wikipedia

In average, it is harder to call friends who have cellular phone more then two, friends who have only one cell phone are likely easier to contact.

Some people who purchase smart gadget (smart phone, tablet computer, notebook, etc) to help their job to get more free time, found them self more busy to 'play' with their smart gadget and have less free time.

Today smart cellular phone size can be smaller then your hand, some land phone that can be used only for talking are still having size as big as your face, and that big phone still has big fans.

Big expensive ship Titanic (269m x 28m) only relied on two people as lookouts on top of a pole to watch lane in front of the ship. No radar, no sonar, etc. Possibly this was one reason why it had accident. If only they were not speeding that night, it was estimated to be arrived in New York safely in 1-2 days.

People still like to read newspaper although many information media today (tv, radio, internet, etc), maybe because newspaper is more suitable for reading in toilet.

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