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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Remove Tree Stump With RYU Chainsaw


The stumps of wax jambu tree will be removed, but it is located in a narrow area. Seen in the photo above, there are paving blocks on the top left, moss rose (purslane) on the left, and dahlias on the top right. Located in a housing complex with nearby neighbors. So to remove or clean it, the stump cannot be burned. Because the smoke will disturb the neighbors.

If you cut a stump with an axe, machete or saw, you will need an area to swing or move those cutting tools. Even though the area around the stump is narrow.

The photo above shows the roots of the stump clearly standing out. Because the ground around the stump had been sprayed with water, and some parts of the ground had been dug up with a hoe and crowbar. 

The root of this wax jambu (Java rose aple, water apple) stump is of the fibrous root type. So it can be cut one by one with a RYU chain saw.

That RYU chain saw is a kit for modifying the RYU electric grinder, so that grinder becomes a chain saw.

The roots of the wood stump have been cut into pieces, as seen above. Next, you can pry it off with a crowbar so it can be pulled out and come off.

Then water is sprayed around the stump again, and the soil that covers the roots is scraped off. Next those roots are sawed again.

It should be noted that the chain saw should not be dirty with soil. Because the soil causes the saw blade to slip and not be able to cut. Dirt that collects near the gear can hinder the rotation of the saw.

Because this RYU chain saw is electric motor driven, it cannot be exposed to water. So you have to be careful when spraying the roots of the stump. Stagnant water must be waited for to recede.

After most of the roots have been cut, only one root remains in the center of the stump with a diameter of about 10 cm. The water appears to form a puddle with the remaining fibrous roots sticking out.

After the root in the center is sawed off. Stumps can easily be uprooted with a push by the hand.

The stump has gone. There were traces of puddles of water and the remains of fibrous roots. Next, the puddle will be filled with soil. Then the ground will be covered with paving blocks.

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