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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tips for jogging

Enough eat, preferably 2 hours before jogging. If the stomach is still full then there will be pain in the stomach like cramp.

Warm up 10 minutes and stretching 5 minutes to avoid cramp.

It is good to wear a jacket while warming up. But if you get warmed and sweaty then the jacket should be taken off. Because sweat function is to maintain body temperature from getting too hot (overheating or heat exhaustion). Sweat cools the body only when it evaporates, not when it wets your clothe or jacket. When evaporating, the water will need and take the heat from its surroundings, in this case your body heat. If sweat can not evaporate, then body temperature will be too hot, which can cause: excessive sweating, heart palpitations, headaches, muscle cramps, abdominal cramps, fainting and even death.

Drinking warm water can increase perspiration, good if you intend to cleanse your body, but it will make you thirsty quickly. Drinking cold water good if the water is not too cold.

Plan your route before running, because you just focus on your speed when running and less attention to the environment, it is easy to get accident especially in crowded area. Be careful if you are jogging while listening to music (MP3, walkman, radio, etc) because you pay very small attention to environment.

Use the front foot to hit the ground, do not use the heel, with the front of your feet can absorb impact and transform it into elastic energy (recoil), thus changing the impact energy into forward motion. Use shoe that can absorb impact.

Maximal heart rate per minute of safety are:
220 - age = maximum heart rate

Minimum heart rate to burn fat:
maximum heart rate x 0.65 = lower limit

Suppose you are 40 years old then a safe heart rate is
220-40 = 180

Minimum heart rate to burn fat is:
180 x 0.65 = 117 beats per minute

So your safe heart rate for jogging and enough to burn fat is about 117 per minute, if you are aged 40 years.

Currently there are various gadgets available on the market measuring heart rate. You can measure and count it manually for one minute, but of course you have to stop running when checking your heart rate manually. Reduce the speed if your heart rate is too high.

The formula above also applies to other sports, not just jogging. Please see chart below for more details.

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