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Friday, November 11, 2011

Steaming, boiling, frying, grilling, which one is the best food processing?

What is the best process and low risk for cooking food?

Steaming is better than boiling because fewer nutrients are damage and absorbed by water. Steaming is better than frying because it does not need cooking oil so it will be low fat content. Food will not be overcooked if steamed. Stir-fry is also good because it only takes a little cooking oil.

All meat, including chicken, fish and sea food, can produce carsinogenic subtances heterocycly amines (HCAs), high temperature heating on the protein in muscle meat will produce HCAs chemicals that can cause cancer. So all cooking processes that use high-heat such as burning and frying, will raise the risk of cancer. Heating below 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 204 degrees Celsius can reduce this risk, and of course will require more time. Boiling and steaming will not reach high temperatures, only about 100 ° C or equal to the heat of boiling water.

Frying foods can reach temperatures 350 ° F or 175 ° C, which is the boiling point of a common cooking oil available in the market. So fried food has higher temperatures then boiled food.

Generally pressure cooker has a working pressure of 15 psi setting. At this pressure water boils at 122 ° C (252 ° F) temperature which is still low enough so the pressure cooker is safe from the risk of forming carcinogenic compounds. High pressure inside the tank will speed up the ripening process and make the food more tender.

Microwave cooking is also quite good, because the radio waves in microwave vibrates the water molecules contained in food to raise the temperature of water contained in food, so food temperature ranges is at the boiling point of water or about 100 ° C.

Heating sugar with fats and proteins can increase the risk of premature aging and diabetes. Avoid mixing the sugar, fat and protein while cooking.

The best food is food that is eaten raw. But it must be cleaned properly. Eating raw foods is generally for fruits and vegetables only.

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