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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Relax and Tips to Enjoy Sleeping Comfortably and Soundly

Sleep is how your body to rest naturally. During sleep the body's organs will rest, and give a chance to repair the body parts that are damaged. Here are some suggestions to enjoy sleeping comfortably and soundly:

Perform exercise with a minimum of 30 minutes walking a day. This can be achieved by: using stairway instead of elevator or lift, do not use vehicle for short distance, etc..Swimming is effective enough to help sleep soundly. You will be easily sleepy if you are physically tired, but mentally tired can cause sleeping difficulty.

Do not eat too much, eat about two hours before bed, so that digestion is not busy and working overtime while you sleep. Some people experience nightmares when sleeping with a full belly. Easily digestible foods is recommended for dinner such as vegetables and fruits. Water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) can help you sleepy and sleep soundly.

Enough drink at night, not enough drink makes you wake up thirsty, too much drink makes you wake up to urinate, also makes kidneys work overtime. It is better to drink only water at night, to avoid kidneys work overtime.

Relax before bed, I think this is the key to sound sleep. Avoid work that makes you curious, as your mind remains concentrated on the job and make it difficult to sleep.

Avoid watching movies that make you curious and forget to sleep, such as : horror, action, mystery, etc.. Comedy movie can usually make you relax and sleepy. Slow music can also help sleepy.

Activities with computer and the internet can make you forget to sleep, so avoid using it before bed.

Read literature that 'heavy' can make you forget to sleep, reading 'light' article like a joke will help you relax. But avoid reading on bed, it is not only bad for your eyes but also makes you continue to concentrate and forget to sleep.

Wash up, brush teeth, and use a loose cloth with brigth and soft color. Some people feel relaxed after a warm bath, and sleepy.

Scheduled routine sleep every day, so the body will automatically feel sleepy and asleep at the same time, and wake up automatically at the same time in the morning even without an alarm.

Simple room with bright and soft colors is better, because it makes you relax. Avoid piling a lot of stuff in the room, if you can not avoid it cover these items to make it looks like a simple bedroom. Much items in your bed room will make you concentrate on those things and forget to sleep. Set ideal room temperature, not too hot and not too cold.

Blanket can be opened or twisted and disturb your sleep, make sure the room temperature is not too cold, some people are more comfortable when sleeping with minimal clothing, no blanket.

For sleeping, gloomy light is better than bright light, no light is the best but some people are suffering from Achluophobia (fear of darkness).

Submit yourself to Almighty God, because God knows everything that happened to you, God knows your expectations, God knows all your problems and God do not let you suffer. They are more things for grateful than things to be complained of. Do not be afraid of what will happen to you tomorrow, you come to this world without having to know and think about how the process, you do not know where you are before birth, it is merely God will. It makes you relax and sleep soundly, tomorrow morning you will have a new passion and strength and a clear mind to solve your problems.

Have a nice sleep and sweet dream...

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