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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lose weight jogging

Use clothing that covers the entire body to make you sweat a lot. Drink warm water before and while jogging to warm you and make you sweat a lot. Excess fat can come out with sweat, same as in a sauna bath.

Water is also useful to help your metabolism so that fat burning become more efficient.

Speeds ranged from 6-10kmh, but should be based on the ability of your heart.

Use the formula heart rate in order to determine safe and effective heart rate to burn fat for your age. Maximal heart rate per minute of safe are:

220 - age = maximum heart rate

Minimum heart rate to burn fat :

maximum heart rate x .65 = lower limit

Suppose you are 40 years of age, then a safe heart rate is :

220-40 = 180

Minimum heart rate to burn fat are:

180 x 0.65 = 117 beats per minute

So safe heart rate for jogging is about 117 per minute and enough to burn fat, if you are aged 40 years old. Reduce your speed if you get heart palpitations, breathing frequently and shortness of breathe, if your head dizzy then it's good to immediately slow down and stop and then rest.

Practice at least 30 minutes a day, and as much as 4-5 times per week. It could be once in every 2 days, so you can rest 1 day. The important thing is to practice regularly, not just once a week but with a very heavy load, the risk of injury would be enormous.

After jogging usually you will feel hungry, eat foods with low carbohydrates and proteins, such as fruits and vegetables so that calories intake are less than the calories spent while jogging. Fiber in fruits and vegetables will make you feel full.

Do not forget to warm up and stretching before jogging, and cooling down after jogging.

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  1. Thank u for visiting my site.
    On jogging I am informed by leading Cardiologists that jogging might trigger heart problems.
    Also i have read that there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that walking helps reduce weight and prevent heart attacks.
    You might check with specialists.

  2. I agree with you about jogging might trigger heart problems, that is why I put maximum heart rate formula and chart ..

    For walking helps reduce weight and heart attack, I think its better if i write it as heart disease...
    Tx for your input..


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