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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hope Amid Global Economic Crisis in 2012

Indonesia's economic growth of 6.5 percent is predicted to be achieved in the year 2011. While there is a debt crisis in Europe that caused the world economic turmoil. HSBC economists argued for India and ASEAN Leif Lybecker Eskesen. News by Ministry of Economy

According Eskesen, despite the economic slowdown 6.4 percent growth is still achievable, and Indonesia is still likely to increase its economic growth. Despite the global economic crisis, Eskesen assess Indonesia can still withstand the effects of the global economic crisis, because Indonesia relies on domestic economy, relying less on exports and imports.

To achieve more higher economic growth, it takes some preparation, such as a favorable conditions for investment. Favorable conditions for investment can be achieved by creating a simple yet efficient bureaucracy.

Law enforcement should also be a priority, so it will rise confidence of investors from domestic and from abroad. Currently Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is looking intensively at Indonesia, because the situation in America and Europe are still overshadowed by the issue of debt into investment constraint.

By relying on domestic consumption and private investment including foreign investment, which is protected by the umbrella of law and an efficient bureaucracy, and supported by the infrastructure built by the government, it is forecasted Indonesia's economic growth could reach 6.7 percent, even higher can be achieved in year 2012. And of course a good regional stability among the ASEAN countries is also a very strong supporting factor.

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