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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Comparison of walking and running (jogging)

The average person is able to walk for two hours without stopping, such as when shopping in a shopping mall. If you are walking slowly with a speed of 3 kmh, so in 2 hours you will travel a distance of 6 km. For 70 kg body weight, then you spend as much as 366 calories, higher than jogging 15 minutes.
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Walking does not make the joints suffer high impact.
Joint load is only about 1.5 times body weight.
Less risk of injury.
Walking produces a little sweat, can be done during the lunch break.
You can enjoy the scenery around.
Does not require special equipment, special place, a certain time.
Walking is cheaper than running.
You can chat while walking.
Good for everybody.

Not everyone is capable for running more than 15 minutes without previous training. If you run at a speed of 6 km / h, then in 15 minutes you travel a distance of 1.5 km. For body weight 70 kg, you spend as much as 128 calories, far less than the calories to walk 120 minutes.
Calorie calculator

Jogging makes high heartbeat, not good for people with weak heart.
Jogging makes the joints bear three times body weight.
Jogging has high injury risk.
Jogging produces a lot of sweat, it is good for cleaning the body, but you have to drink much after run.
You cant enjoy the environment, just focus on speed.
No chatting, just focus on speed.
Requires special equipment, place and time.
May need a greater cost than walking.
Good for trained people with good physical fitness.

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