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Saturday, October 29, 2011

World population to reach 7 billion, what are the future challenges?

World population will reach 7 billion, is predicted to occur on 31-Oct-2011.

What are the issues to be faced?

Groundwater will be more reduced
Ice melts at the poles
The land is less fertile
Forest is reduced
Agricultural land increasingly narrow
Fish in the sea is reduced
Cloth production must increase
Petroleum is getting more expensive
Stock reduced oil
Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is too much
The disease is more easily transmitted between humans
Production of the drug should be increased
Moral decline, people do anything for water and food
Needs food diversification, such as: insects, rodents, worms, etc.

Brine, dirty water, are distilled for drink
Population is only considered as an economic burden or pest, not a driver of economic
There will be a war that aims solely to reduce the number of population
Cannibalism could happen
Annexation could be worse than ever 

In 2100 the estimated world population will reach 15 billion.
Horrible .... if not anticipated from now.
Oh My God...please help

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