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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lowering Blood Tension

A year ago when I was infected by Chikungunya, doctor checked my blood pressure at 130/80, I checked myself at home, sometimes can reach 140/90. I was surprised because usually in the range of 110/70 or 120/80. Since then I started looking for information on the internet about how to reduce or normalize blood pressure. I check my blood pressure almost every day, I have tensimeter at home that rarely used before.

Some internet info suggest to drink juice of noni (Morinda citrifolia, pace, mengkudu), it is widely available on the market in extract or capsule form. There is also a suggestion to eat the cucumber, drink a very young coconut water with minimum coconut meat, etc..

I tried two brands of morinda extract capsules, one brand managed to normalize blood pressure after about 2 weeks. As I have morinda tree in front of my house, so I try to eat the raw morinda leaf. I pick some leaf with about 10 cm length, if too little has less fibrous, if too large it is difficult to digest and bitter. And it turns out after a few weeks to maintain normal blood pressure.

I also tried to walk for 30 minutes a day, or about 2-3 km (1.25-1.9 miles) a day. This method is the most potent, easy and inexpensive. Tension can be normal in just one day. Maybe as walking causes blood vessel in legs become flexible and can accommodate blood pressure. I practiced lifting weights by hands but did not succeed to normalize the pressure, probably because blood vessel in the hand is not as big and as many as in the leg. Jogging is also able to normalize the pressure but the heart beat is high, no good for someone with heart problem. You can achieve 30 minutes walking per day by not using elevator, lift, or not using vehicle for short distance travel.

Another way is by fasting, at least for one day. The results can be felt the next day.

Some other foods that I try and can normalize blood pressure are: cucumber, apple, jelly.

Eat less red meat, eat more vegetables and fruits.

Boiled food is better than fried food.

Of course besides the things mentioned above, I also limit the intake of salt. Because salt is very high water absorbing, the salt content in the blood will absorb the water so that the blood vessels are full and raise blood pressure.

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