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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where the Jakarta Stock Index goes?

I tried to analyze the direction of the Jakarta Stock Index (Jakarta Composite Index) using the Moving Average: 20 days, 50 days, and 200 days

In August 2011 Jakarta Stock Index reached its highest point at 4195.72. Index in Muslim-majority countries are typically rise during Ramadan because of high consumption.

Then down through the 20-day MA line, continuing down through the line 50-day MA.

Down to touch the 200-day MA, this seems a psychological point experienced by brokers as support point. They agreed that the index is too cheap, so some brokers do buy back and lifting index to rise above the 50-day MA and reached its highest point when it hits the 20-day MA, as resistant point.

Then the index tried to penetrate the 20-day MA before it finally fell through the 200-day MA.

Month of October 2011 index back up beyond the 20-day MA, if capable to rise above the line of 200-day MA, up above 3800, then the index will likely continue to rise until December 2011. Trading volume is also quite high in October 2011.

During the 52 weeks moving index in the range: 3,217.95 - 4,195.72

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