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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to choose sofa fabric

1. Type of sofa fabric

Sofa fabric is distinguished from its thickness, the thicker the more expensive. Chenille sofa fabric is a kind of thick and slightly hairy, like velvet or corduroy. Chenille is currently popular. Other types of materials such as cotton is a bit thin. Cowhide or Suede also available but are usually expensive

2. Looking for patterns

For a large sofa should use a simple pattern or plain, or simply with the texture of cloth. For a small sofa like 1 seater, may use complicated patterns and colors, and become room accent.

3. Color option

For small room should use bright colors as the theme, including for its couch, to make the room seem more spacious. If the sofa is relatively small then the room size, then choice of colors can be more diverse, even striking colors can be used so that the couch looks attractive.

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