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Monday, October 24, 2011

Hope to end Europe debt, Asia stocks jump

Today it seems like a sunny day for the economy. I just read the news that there is hope for an end to Europe's debt crisis. China's manufacturing sector also showed an increase in demand.

This morning I read in the newspapers that according to some analysts predict Indonesia's economy will be better in 2012.

Therefore, property prices in Jakarta in the estimate will rise between 10-20%. Good news for property owner but bad news for buyer.

This afternoon several Asian Stock Index jump up

Jakarta Composite
86.12 (2.38%)
China Shanghai Composite
53.06 (2.29%)
Australia All Ordinaries
110.20 (2.62%)
Jepang Nikkei 225

165.09 (1.90%)
India BSE 30

145.06 (0.86%)
Korea Selatan Seoul Composite
59.94 (3.26%)

Few days a go I predicted Jakarta Index will rally up until year end, please see here.

Hopefully this can continue until the end of the year, so 2012 will be more optimistic and encourage a positive sentiment.

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