Thursday, December 8, 2011

Horizontal Cylindrical Tank with Elliptical Ends, Fluid Volume Calculation

Horizontal cylindrical tank with both ends curved to form elliptical shape is quite widely used. Some tanks are used oil storage as much as 6000 liters.

The attached Excel program can calculate the volume of liquid for each fluid depth in a horizontal cylindrical tank with elliptical shape at both ends. The chart shows that the percentage of the volume does not form a linear line. It needs to be considered if you need to specify the minimal and maximal value of stock.

The formula used is similar to the formula in an horizontal cylindrical tank with both ends flat. There are only additions to calculate the volume on the elliptical at both ends.

Use only measurements inside the tank, especially if the tank with a thick skin materials.

a = radius of ellips
h = fluid depth inside tank
L = length of cylindrical part of tank
D = diameter of cylindrical part of tank

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